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Singer-Songwriter Nicole Zell has finally found her voice on debut album, Asleep To My Own Magicundoubtedly her most mature, enlightened work yet. After achieving minor success throughout her twenties such as touring nationally with American Wolves, fronting THRILLCHASER, co-billing with acts such as KT Tunstall and Vanessa Carlton, and being featured on numerous press outlets such as Billboard, Fuse TV, and TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, Nicole took a step back to "evaluate my position around the age of 27" as she sings in "7 Years" - a song penned as an apology for not believing in her younger self. For an artist who was timid to release solo music for years, Nicole holds nothing back on this album. In "Garden", Nicole reclaims her self-worth from a toxic relationship. In "Cycle", Zell dares to confront generational cycles, childhood abuse, her religious upbringing, and even god himself. In songs like "Dangerous" and "Infinite", Nicole investigates romantic patterns, karmic ties, and more. As the story reaches an end, it becomes apparent that Zell has tapped into the ability to turn darkness into light, struggle into success, trauma into triumph, and mayhem into magic. In "Magic", the closing song on the album, Nicole can be heard joyfully singing a healing affirmation alongside a celestial choir, "I am safe, I am loved, I am healing, I am light . . . because I am the magic."