Music: If it’s in your blood, you can’t escape it.  If it’s in your lungs, it’s the air you breathe.  If it’s in your heart, it’s who you are. I’ve learned this throughout my life time and time again; music is who I am.  I grew up in a musical family.  I sang when I could speak, wrote songs when I picked up a pen in first grade, adored piano the first time I ever played an old, beat-up Casio buried in storage around the age of five, fell in love with guitar the moment I bought my first beginner Epiphone when I was twelve, and instantly became hooked on performing live the second my feet hit an open mic stage when I was about thirteen.

      Now almost two decades old, I’ve been blessed with many great music and career opportunities.  My primary genre is indie folk and I also experiment with alternative country.  My original music and songwriting is raw and honest; it’s whatever I’m feeling or whatever is affecting me or others when the ink hits the paper. I’ve been performing in the tri-state area for over five years at festivals, music venues, concerts, benefits, charities, assemblies, churches, and more.  I’ve had the honor of performing and making albums with the members of one of my musical ventures, Nicole Zell Band, for over three years.  I’ve performed, worked, and collaborated with musicians and producers in the industry throughout the country and world.  I especially appreciate and support the local music scene and amazing artists within it; therefore, a huge love of mine is hosting a music radio show, Soundstage, on WCHE 1520 AM Radio Station.

      I believe music is a gift to the world and it’s my hope and dream to help, inspire, and encourage others with it.  I’m just a small town girl enjoying the journey that music takes me on and thanking God every step of the way.

Peace, Love, & Blessings,